Grafton brought us cheese scraps

By ayr March 26, 2013


Chris has been on a tear. I asked if he could help us with sourcing and he’s be doing an amazing job.

Grafton Cheddar is the cheese we use for most of our cheese needs at Clover. We love their cheese. And they’re not far from where I grew up. Chris brought a sales woman from Grafton in the other day, she came with one of their distributors. We were hoping we could get a better price on our cheese. It was really exciting to talk to them.

We all learned a lot. Grafton is a non-profit. That’s amazing. They exist to support small dairies in Southern VT. Their “profits” go either to the Town of Grafton, VT, or to small dairies.

These cheese pieces are called scraps. They are what is left after they shape the cheese. We can get them at better prices than the full bricks.

Sadly, we weren’t able to secure any price much better than what we’re currently paying. I guess that’s good and bad. Means Russo’s is giving us a fair shake. But means there wasn’t much room to move on this one…

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