Barismo coffee: Pena Blanca (You can shake the hand that grew this coffee)

By rolando March 27, 2013


We try to control a lot at Clover. We make almost everything on our menu ourselves. But one thing we don’t have experience with is growing and roasting coffee. We probably never will. So we rely on the best people to roast for us.

Barismo does something pretty crazy for coffee. They have a green buyer on staff. Silas travels down to the country of origin to meet farmers. This coffee is called Peña Blanca. It’s a lot at Hacienda Santa Rosa, a farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. You might remember a coffee from Barismo that we ran last year called Buena Esperanza. This is the same grower. We’re running it in our $2 slot, which means it’s probably the most price-accessible cup of Barismo in the city.

This April the Specialty Coffee Association of America is having their yearly conference in Boston which means everyone in the world of coffee will be hitting Boston. Clover is running a bunch of events during the week, including a tasting with Gustavo Alfaro, the grower of this coffee, on April 14, 3pm-4pm at CloverHSQ. I’m told he’s a pretty charismatic guy and loves meeting customers, and we’re hoping we get to taste some of the brand new harvest from his farm. We have 30 free tickets to this event, and we expect them all to sell out. We’re excited about giving Gustavo (and all of you) a real Massachusetts cider donut when he comes. Register here.

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