Coffee Tasting with Matt of Matt’s Coffee

By ayr March 27, 2013


If you’ve been exploring coffee with us you know of Matt’s. Matt’s coffee is the one that’s sometimes in a gold bag, sometimes in a silver bag. Sometimes it has a label, sometimes it doesn’t. It always tastes like some form of sugar. Matt roasts up in Maine with a wood fired roaster. And we love what he does.

Matt was in town the other day and offered to do a formal cupping at Clover HSQ for customers and staff. This picture is of our management team moving around the cupping table.

Coffee cupping is a ritual I hadn’t heard of before Rolando and I started visiting roasters. It’s a process where roasters expose roasted beans to hot water, smell, poke, and taste that coffee. It’s a roaster/ coffee-buyer focused exercise. And I’m sure there’s a lot to it that I still don’t understand. If you’ve done a wine tasting you may recognize aspects of this ritual, but it’s more particular and technical.

This was really generous of Matt and I think everybody got a ton out of the process. Other than Rolando and myself, I don’t think any of the team had done something like this before. We selected our current coffee from Matt, Peru Chanchamayo, from this session.

We’re going to do more coffee events in the next month. The “Biggest Coffee Event in the World” is about to happen in Boston April 11 – 14 when the SCAA (the coffee industry group) comes to town for their annual convention. This is a big deal for Boston to be hosting and I can’t wait to be a part of showing off the amazing things we’re doing with coffee in Dunkin’ country.


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