Clover time trials

By Lucia April 2, 2013

USA Today screen shot

Bethy is an employee on the MIT truck. She’s studying Gastronomy at BU. A while back Ayr told Bethy that I held the company record for fastest chickpea fritter sandwich. There’s a Youtube video of me that David, a customer shot, making a 19-second chickpea fritter. Chris (restaurants) told me I look like a vulture feeding on a dead animal, but I don’t mind.

Bethy immediately told Ayr, “I will beat Lucia’s record.” Over thousands and thousands of sandwiches, she’s been inching closer and closer to that 19-second record. And so I’ve been a little scared to work alongside her. She even claims that not only can she make a chickpea faster than me, but that she’ll also be happy to write my name in tahini on top.

This morning Clover was featured in the Money Section of USA Today. They picked 5 small businesses in the US who are on the verge of becoming big. I’m pretty sure we were the only restaurant, and the only Boston-area business. A big focus of the article was our emphasis on speed. And they got Bethy making a chickpea fritter. If you watch the video you might be able to time it, but do me a favor, don’t let me know, OK?

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