Launching today: A pimento cheese sandwich even a Yankee can love?

By Lucia April 2, 2013


There was a sandwich shop in Austin when I was growing up called The Kitchen Door. It was always full of grandparents and it had a bunch of frilly non-sandwich stuff too like greeting cards and heart-shaped cake molds.

Their signature item was Pimento Cheese. This is a staple sandwich in the South, every family has their own version. It’s super rich and satisfying. Shredded cheese, pimento peppers, mayo (but more likely, Miracle Whip).

When I told Ayr and Rolando about pimento cheese sandwiches back in 2010 I got blank stares from these New Englanders but they agreed to try it. We made a Clover version. Our spread gets Grafton cheddar, some mayo (sorry Texas, it’s Hellmans), some capers, some fresh dill. We roast and chop bell peppers really fine, and fold them in. Then we cut thick slices of cucumbers, toss them with Aleppo pepper and some pickled celery we make using a double-strength brine.

This sandwich launches at lunch tomorrow. Try it, and use the comments here to tell us what you think.

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