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By ayr April 3, 2013


Today we served in Burlington, MA, our first time every outside of the city (excluding special events we cater). We didn’t know if the wi-fi would work so we used good old paper to take the orders. I took this picture after our first rush as things were starting to die down. We were serving at 20 Blanchard Rd., Burlington, MA.

It felt like the early days of Clover. People curious but not sure what we’re doing. Folks that are friendly and interested. I saw one car stop, turn around, and drive over to the truck after they saw me taking a picture of it from the corner. Some folks worked in buildings nearby. Others heard we were there because friends texted them. One customer told me he ate at Clover in the early days when he lived in Cambridge. I think his name of Jeff. He said he was just telling his friend, who he brought to the truck today, that the 2 things he regrets not having done: inventing Twitter and thinking of Clover.

One of the landscapers across the street came over the check us out. I think his name was Bobby. I talked him through the menu. He decided to try the fries. I asked him if he’d like to try the Chickpea Fritter and he told me he had falafel once and didn’t like it. I gave him a ball to taste. He asked if he could order that. I said sure, in a sandwich? He said, nah, just the balls. We did it up with a little hummus on the side and some tahini and he ate it all (the best measure of somebody liking our food).

Thanks to everybody who came out. It was really exciting for us to meet you. We’ll be back next Wednesday and hope to see you all again, this time with more friends! Spread the word. We’ll be touring Burlington over the coming weeks in an effort to build excitement about our restaurant at 100 Burlington Mall Rd. that we’ll be opening late spring.


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