Hello Boston! CloverGOV, CloverAQU, CloverPRK, CloverNOR are live

By Lucia April 4, 2013


I was waiting in the T today at Kendall and took a picture of the MBTA map. It’s hard to believe there’s a Clover (or will be one soon) at a lot of those T-stops.

Tomorrow is pretty special. It’s the end of our first full week for cloverAQU at the Aquarium stop on the Greenway. cloverNOR is kicking off the weekend near Haymarket in the North End. And starting tomorrow, we’ll be parking cloverGOV every Friday at Government Center. We’ve updated our Locations and Hours page to make sure everything is easy to access.

Every location has its own Twitter feed. We try hard to update 3 times a day: when we open, when lunch is up, and when we close. Because our menu changes every day, your location’s Twitter is the best way to find out what we’re serving.

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