Red rover, red rover, send Clover right over…

By Lucia April 5, 2013


A customer came up with that name for our latest experiment. Here’s the idea. You work in an office. A Clover order-taker appears. You place your order and pay. The order gets magically transmitted to the truck, and 5 minutes later, a runner brings the food right up to you.

An awesome law firm many many stories above our truck on Dewey Square agreed to be the pilot for this program. Hiroko (a Harvard Business School student) set it all up.

Results from our initial week-long experiment:

  • Operationally we can make it work really well. Our order-taking system is good enough that it can be done remotely
  • Wait times are ridiculously low, we’re talking order placed at 12:13, food in your hand by 12:19
  • This is an awesome way to meet first-time customers who’ve never heard of us, or who may have walked past the truck and been scared to try it. I became friends with the receptionist who started working her way through the menu
  • Works best on bad weather days, might be something we roll out more seriously in the winter
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