What does a Burlington customer look like?

By ayr April 8, 2013


We’re easing into our Burlington world tour. We’re hoping to generate excitement leading up to our new restaurant launch in Burlington. We’re not Bobby Flay, so if we’re going to have a line around the block it’s going to be because we’ve been working really hard to get to know you all and get the word out.

This picture was from our first day ever serving in the Suburbs. Those are customers queuing up for Chickpea Fritters and Fries. I think we were all a bit surprised how many people found us in what had seemed to us like a desolate parking lot. Can’t wait to get back.

Today (Monday) we’re parking at the Fidelity Building on Burlington Mall Rd. ¬†We’re at Blanchard St. on Wed. Soon we’ll have a full schedule including the parking lot of the Plaza where we’re building our restaurant: Burlington Marketplace.


11am – 2pm
44 Burlington Mall Rd

11am – 2pm
20 Blanchard St.

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