Meet CloverAQU

By Lucia April 9, 2013


@cloverAQU is parking at Rings Fountain on the Greenway, right by the Aquarium. We’ll be there 11am-3pm, Mondays-Thursdays from here on out. It’s sort of amazing to stand outside the truck and smell sea air and see all the ships coming in and out.

We decided to do a little trivia question for customers who joined yesterday. After 2 hours of asking customers if they could name where our potatoes come from, Marie (awesome order-taker and HR assistant) was pretty excited when Bruce finally guessed. He had just returned from a trip to PEI and said that potatoes were literally everywhere there.

We’re running lunch today at the Aquarium. We’ll have chickpea fritter sandwiches, egg and eggplant sandwiches, fries, a new lemonade, and another trivia question today. If you’re up on your Clover knowledge, you might win yourself something to eat for lunch…

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