3pm Special: Platanos (Fried Sweet Plantains)

By rolando April 10, 2013


Spring is here, the sun is shining and temperatures are starting to rise, but it is a tough time of the year in New England. There still isn’t much being harvested for a little while. It’s at these times that we like to feature ingredients that are more regional to other parts of the globe. Actually plantains are the main reason why we even have 3pm specials on the menu at all. Click here for the story.

We take the plantains and ripen them until the skin gets black. That tells us that all of the starches have converted to sugar. I keep catching staff trying to throw them away, because they don’t look edible. Trust me, these are more than just edible. They just might transform what you think about bananas in general. They’re like candy.

$3 – Platanos maduros (ripe), at all Clover locations starting now.

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