Mike and Megan

By Lucia April 10, 2013

Mike and Megan

Mike and Megan have been driving the truck out to Burlington every Monday and Wednesday doing a tour of offices for the month leading up to our restaurant opening.

If you’re reading from Burlington we’ll be at 20 Blanchard Rd TODAY 4/10 from 11am-2pm. Check @cloverBUR for updates. We’ll have sandwiches, French fries with rosemary, soup, coffee.

Megan is our Director of HR and she’s spearheaded the whole Burlington World Tour. She’s done almost every job at Clover, including running our resupply van, but she’s never run a truck. She was so excited to be able to run her own truck. I told her we’d even make her a Twitter feed: @cloverMEG. Just kidding, even if we had wanted to, this Twitter handle is already taken (something we are realizing as we continue to add new locations).

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