Closing checklist

By Lucia April 11, 2013

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The first time I closed the truck, Leah asked me what I wanted to listen to on the radio while I cleaned. I said, tentatively, Emerson Radio? She said, you’re gonna want to listen to 107.9 Kiss FM. It was the most intense workout I’d ever done. And the reggae/folk that Emerson played at night wasn’t going to get me amped up to clean the Clover way. I hauled everything off the truck onto the loading dock, scrubbed everything with hot soapy water, wiped, sanitized everything. Then I put everything back where it belonged.

That was 2009. Back then we had no way of knowing whether we had done everything. You just had it all in your head. Which meant if you were a closer and you forgot something, your colleague was in trouble the next day when they opened the truck. Later we moved to laminated checklists, or Notes on iPods.

A bunch of team leaders are working on checklists using Wufoo, a form-building platform. The great thing is that you can edit the checklist from anywhere. So if we add or subtract a new task, we only have to update it once. It’s a lot more efficient than printing and re-laminating new checklists.

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