Could this be the next big thing for Clover’s coffee?

By Lucia April 12, 2013

Baratza Reconnect

If you’re not part of the coffee world, you may not know that all the coffee growers, roasters, and coffeeshop owners in the world are converging on Boston right now for the Specialty Coffee Association Exposition.

Ayr and I were shocked by how many booths Clover had connections with. We said hi to Melitta, Vegware, Counter Culture, Kuma, George Howell, Bunn.

But the most exciting discovery may have been this grinder. We used Baratza grinders for the first 2 years of Clover. They grind coffee beautifully. But the dials would constantly break. The gears would go out of alignment. So we switched to Ditting.

But check this out. This is the latest Baratza. Hasn’t even been released yet (July 2013). Might be the answer to all our problems. Right now we measure beans by volume. We’ve been worried about consistency from cup to cup (some employees over-measure, some under-measure). This grinder has an internal scale, which you can set to a specific weight. So we would spec our weight when we set up a grinder, and then never touch it again. They’ve promised that they’ve ironed out some of the issues of previous models. If that’s the case we might consider a return to Baratza…

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