Clover on TV Diner

By Lucia April 13, 2013

TV Diner at Clover

We got a note saying the NECN show TV Diner wanted to come to the HUB. We were really excited. Everyone knows TV Diner. It’s a really good audience for us, especially as we grow into the suburbs. I have a feeling a lot of people will watch who’ve never heard of us.

Billy and Jenny stopped by the HUB for breakfast. Breakfast sandwich, coffee, popover, and a yogurt and granola with pears. They were super professional, knew exactly what they wanted. Turns out Billy grew up right around the corner from the HUB and remembered the days when it was the Casal Bakery.

I’m told this piece will air today 4/13 at 10am. It’s part of a thing about breakfast, lunch and dinner in East Cambridge, and includes Puritan & Co., and maybe East Coast Grill. I’m going out to try to find a TV to watch…

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