Eddie speaks tonight, 6pm, CloverHUB

By Lucia April 14, 2013


We get together as a company 4 times a year.¬†Every meeting, somebody gives the “Why I’m at Clover” speech. The idea is that employees hear from someone other than Ayr about why they’ve stuck around and helped build Clover.

This time we’ll hear from Eddie, our awesome kitchen manager. He’s a culinary-school grad (Le Cordon Bleu in Boston), a native of Ecuador (we’ve been persuading him to give us some recipes, look out for a potato quinoa soup soon), and he’s been doing a killer job running the ever-changing world of the Clover kitchen.

If you’re curious about Eddie’s journey to Clover, come by the HUB at 6pm tonight. These meetings are open to everyone: employees, friends, family, even customers!

[Quick unrelated note for those of you wondering about tomorrow’s schedule. CloverHSQ, CloverHUB, CloverDWY, CloverLMA, CloverPRK, and Clover MIT will be open during the Marathon. CloverAQU and CloverBUB will be closed. Check Twitter for more updates tomorrow…]

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