Brett yayayayaya

By Lucia April 15, 2013

Bret yayayaya

When I was growing up, Terra Toys in downtown Austin had this cool thing where kids could decorate paper bags. They would pay you $.05 per bag. I would take home stacks of them and draw for hours. Then the bags would get given to customers.

When Clover expanded from trucks to restaurants, we started using butcher paper (compostable) instead of foil to wrap sandwiches. Soon we discovered that butcher paper was good for placemats and napkins. So we put a roll on the wall. I think it was Antoria who decided we needed crayons too. We added a tape roll and all of a sudden the walls were filled with artwork.

The best drawings are done at the HUB. I think it’s because we have a large elementary-school customer base who comes in around 3pm. This is our current favorite. An ode to Brett, the manager there.

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