All Company Meeting and Enzo’s sexy truck

By Lucia April 16, 2013


We had our All-Company Meeting on Sunday night. It was really great to get everyone together. Folks from different parts of the company got to meet and become friends. People brought their significant others. Friends and family joined.

We were talking aesthetics at this meeting. We did a scavenger hunt as a get-to-know-you activity. Teams used Twitter to tag aspects of aesthetics at Clover. You can search for what everyone said by searching for #cloverlooking. Enzo concluded with a tour of what a perfect Clover truck should look like. I think it was the first time we heard the word “sexy” at an All-Company Meeting.

Part of the design of our truck is that the truck sort of fades away, revealing the food and people inside. Sort of like a clam, hard and austere on the outside, warm on the inside. Do you think we’ve been successful with this? We’ve started playing with color, but very carefully. In this case I used a Montana paint pen to create Clover’s spring color.

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