Clover truck catering

By Lucia April 17, 2013


That’s us at the Cambridge School of Adult Education Spring party. Sara won the MVP award by reversing down two blocks of Brattle Street in Harvard Square on Saturday at twilight. A woman was so impressed that she came up to the truck begging Sara to give driving lessons to her teenage son! Sara, could be a new career for you if this whole Clover thing doesn’t work out…

Last 2 weeks we’ve pulled trucks up and served dinner and snacks to:

Cambridge School of Adult Education spring party
Founder’s Journey (class on entrepreneurship at MIT, Ayr spoke)
Harvard Leadership Conference

Next few weeks, the trucks are booked for a bunch of end-of-year parties. If you want to bring a Clover truck to your event, reach out to us on the Catering tab of this site (

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