Gustavo Alfaro visits Clover

By Lucia April 17, 2013


Seconds into his visit this past Sunday, Gustavo was inviting me and “our best customers” to visit his farm in Guatemala. How awesome is that!?!

We’ve always made it a point to develop relationships with coffee roasters we love. We never thought it would be so soon that we’d be able to meet the growers of our coffee too. Gustavo runs Cafe Alfaro. He grows beans for Barismo in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He was a scientist who took over his family’s coffee farm when his father died.

The best part of his visit was when he shared the 2013 lot of Buena Esperanza, which won second place in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence. I’ve never tasted black coffee that was so sweet and smooth. If you want to try some of Gustavo’s coffee, we’re pouring the Pena Blanca in our $2 slot everywhere, and selling the bags at CloverHSQ. Maybe one day you’ll be able to sign up for a coffee trip at Clover.

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