Customer sandwich design contest

By Lucia April 18, 2013


We did a seasonal sandwich design contest with MIT customers. MIT Medical put it all together and took submissions. We narrowed down the list from 30 to 6 finalists and invited those folks to join our weekly Food Development Meeting. Here are the 6 finalists:

A. Beets and horseradish mayo sandwich
B. Smoked gouda and apple sandwich
C. Seared carrot/ middle eastern style sandwich
D. Rutabaga/black pepper onions sandwich
E. Pumpkin/black bean sandwich
F. Leeks/breadcrumbs sandwich

We loved all of these, they’re all going into development, and chances are you’ll see a bunch of them on the menu in late autumn/early winter. We’re pretty excited about the beet + horseradish mayo sandwich. The customer who designed it grew up eating pickled beets out of a can in Hungary. Michael Docter of Winter Moon Roots says he’s going to supply us with some amazing beets next Winter. I thought string cheese could be a good match for the beets. What do you think? Which sandwich sounds most exciting to you?

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