Future Clover Brookline Village customers

By Lucia April 22, 2013


I spent the afternoon with an Exacto Knife, scraping off the Papaginos sign at 6 Harvard Street in Brookline Village. We’re going to have a restaurant there, have you heard? I’m working on a window sign announcing the restaurant as a CSA pickup point. I had to write backwards on the inside of the glass, and there’s no way I was free-handing it. So I wrote out my message and tried to tape it to the front of the glass so that I could trace it on the back.

It was ridiculously windy, and blue tape sucks. So I was struggling. Out of nowhere, a jogger named Ken came by. He jumped to help me stick one corner up. He’d never heard of Clover, just wanted to help. Then Jen walked by, saw the word Clover, and gasped. She used to eat with us at City Hall. She and her son offered to hold up one side while I grabbed more tape. Then when Jen had to leave, Dave appeared to help. He knows all the chefs in the area, and told me I had to check out Matt Murphy’s and Pomodoro. He said, “I think you’re going to do good business here.”

Wow, Brookline! And I wasn’t even selling anything yet! Some other highlights of my afternoon. Ate an unbelievable sandwich from Cutty’s, spuckie (apparently this is a New England thing). Saw an elderly man listening to a book on tape at full blast from his car. Charged my phone in Starbucks with a group of really adorable toddlers who wanted to play London Bridge with my phone charger. Met the woman who works in the Dunkin’ Donuts next door. Saw lots of dads walking their kids home from school. One of them said to his daughter, “Clover, we have to check that out!” Met the locksmith down the road…not explaining why.

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