New Burlington Truck Schedule

By ayr April 22, 2013


We’re still waiting on our building permit from the town of Burlington for our restaurant that will be at 100 Burlington Mall Rd. In the meantime we’re parking our food truck at local office parks hoping to introduce you all to our food and build awareness for the restaurant. The response has been awesome. I’ve been at 20 Blanchard St. each week, and each week our most recent customers return with friends, and new customers find us.

This week’s Burlington schedule:

Lunch 11-2pm

MON: 44 Mall Rd, Burlington, MA (near Fidelity)
WED: 20 Blanchard Rd, Burlington, MA (our oldest site now)
THUR: 113 Hartwell Ave, Lexington, MA (LAUNCHES 5/2, WAITING ON PERMIT)
FRI: 168 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA (Northwest Park)

AT THE RESTAURANT (100 Burlington Mall Rd):

FRI: 3-6pm
SAT: 9am-2pm


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