Farmshare deadline approaching

By Lucia April 29, 2013


That’s me at the greenhouse at Drumlin Farm, back in March. See my coat? Back then the air was freezing but the greenhouse was warm. It was filled with these tiny leek seedlings. By now the ground has warmed up enough that all the leeks have been planted, and the Drumlin farmers are on to seeding beets, carrots, spinach, peas, and fava beans.

If you want to join Drumlin farm (or 5 others) this summer and pick up your produce at a nearby Clover, act now. Sign-ups for our CSA program close 5-1-13. We’ve just added a new pickup point: our soon-to-open spot in Brookline Village (6 Harvard Street, right next to Dunkin’ Donuts). Already 20 families have signed up to be a part of this pickup point, and we’re looking at close to 300 members across all 4 pickup locations.

Don’t delay. Read more and sign up:

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