Eat everything this summer from a farmshare

By Lucia April 30, 2013


I’m not exaggerating. In addition to produce, Red Fire Farm and Kitchen Garden Farm are offering egg, fruit, and flower shares. And we are partnering with Valley Malt in Hadley to offer a grain CSA (think fresh-milled flour, malt, dry beans, polenta…and kits with everything you need to make your own beer).

I was trying to figure out how to tangibly display the shares. For the first few weeks, I tried using real food, but it didn’t last. And nothing was in season that was representative of the shares. Ayr said, “How about fake fruit?”

One trip to Michael’s in Porter Square and I was all set up. Those are real, fake Concord grapes. The real ones you’ll get in your fruit share this summer will taste a lot better, I promise.

Signups end May 1. All the details are at


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