Great parsnip disaster of 2013

By Lucia May 2, 2013


We have a few apologies to make. It was a beautiful day yesterday. We had 3 order-takers outside the truck so we were killing the line. And everyone was fired up about the new parsnip sandwich we launched in the seasonal slot.

So we took some orders for parsnip sandwiches without realizing we were running out of parsnip ingredients on board the truck. It was bad communication on our part. It meant that we had 16 parsnip sandwiches in the queue, and only enough ingredients to make 6 sandwiches. By the time we realized this, many of you had already been waiting for about 10 minutes. We got everyone replacement sandwiches, but it meant that many of you waited nearly 20 minutes for your food.

So a huge apology from us. We never, ever want anyone to wait that long. If you were on that list in the picture, please reach out. Your next parsnip sandwich is on us.

As you can see, we’re getting used to 70-degree days and more and more customers trying Clover for the first time. Which brings me to an exciting announcement: we’re hiring order-takers and lead order-takers. Know any happy, extroverted people who love food and hard work? Send them to the Careers tab on the website to fill out an application.


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