Clover BBQ Sauce

By Lucia May 5, 2013


Some of you may remember Ayr and Rolando’s trip to my home state of Texas to research BBQ. You may also remember that Rolando entered a deep coma¬†after sampling so much moist brisket.

The idea behind the trip was that someday, Clover would make its own BBQ sauce. Up until now, BBQ sauce has been one of about 5 ingredients we don’t make ourselves. We’ve been using a product called Cattleman’s Classic.

Rolando developed a few different versions, we tasted, and we’ve landed on something we love. Molasses, ketchup, cumin, liquid smoke, and chili peppers. We’re pretty excited. I think we’re going to bottle it and sell it at our Brookline Village location (slated to open first week of June). For now you can try Clover BBQ Sauce starting May 9 on the BBQ Seitan sandwich. Let us know what you think.

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