Gabby’s stamp

By Lucia May 6, 2013


I was at Staples, my home away from home. Not sure if this is a company-wide thing, or a Harvard store innovation, but I was surprised to see a burst of color on something that’s usually so gray. Sort of a nice tangible way to identify who made the sale.

Ayr was talking about doing something similar for Clover takeout. Something like what New England silversmiths used to do. There was a whole language of symbols. Each member of the kitchen staff could have their own stamp that would identify them. You could go on the website to decode the symbol to see who made your food. Eddie (kitchen manager) said he would be an egg superimposed on an eggplant.

I had the Staples crew make me a self-inking stamp for our catering boxes. Unfortunately they didn’t have any good colors in the larger-sized stamp, so if you get catering from us you’ll have to settle for plain black.

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