Gus made rosemary fry ice cream

By Lucia May 10, 2013


Gus of Toscanini’s is the godfather of good eating in Boston. He’s the one who told me about Biryani Park in Malden, which became a Clover staff favorite. And everytime I go to Toscanini’s I just leave a happier person.

I stopped in and was chatting with Gus for a long time. Then he casually mentioned he made a rosemary fry ice cream. Apparently he was eating fries at Clover and the inspiration struck him. So he made an ice cream out of our fries!

He wasn’t totally pleased with the result (he thinks the potatoes made the ice cream a little too thick). But I thought it tasted AWESOME. Here’s hoping the development continues and it goes on the menu. If we served the ice cream side by side with the fries, it could be a freaky molecular gastronomy experience.

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