In the gray

By Lucia May 11, 2013


Daniel is a new employee on the DWY truck. Enzo asked Daniel if he was in the green the other day. He said, “No, man, I’m in the GRAY!” Enzo looked at him with shock and delight. “No one has ever said that before!”

Let me explain. Early on we realized we didn’t want to use someone else’s POS (point of sale) system. Too much about Clover is too different than any other type of restaurant. So we designed our POS system ourselves to maximize speed and efficiency. Ayr built the first version with help from an MIT grad.

Our POS does a couple of really different things:
-Items get sent to whatever station they are prepped on. So drinks go to drinks-station, sandwiches to specific sandwich stations, etc.
-Food is made in the order it was received. But not totally. For example, your friend who ordered a BBQ after you might get it before you if the BBQ station is really fast that day.
-Items turn from GREEN–>ORANGE–> RED based on how long customers are waiting.¬†When all the items are cleared and all customers have been served, the color goes back to GRAY.

So to be “in the GRAY” is the ultimate challenge…

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