Burlington ready to trench

By ayr May 15, 2013


Over the past couple of years I’ve had this problem: when the most exciting stuff is happening at Clover I have the least amount of time to write. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet here these past few weeks. These are exciting times for us at Clover. Thankfully I have Lucia and Rolando keeping the posts current.

This is a picture of the floor of our Burlington restaurant ready to trench. When you have a construction where concrete is laid on top of earth it’s called “slab on grade.” And if you want to run plumbing you have to cut up the concrete, lay the pipe, then cover it all up again. It’s a pretty expensive job and seems sort of crazy to me, but that’s how it’s done. We had to do this over at the HUB as well (HSQ has a parking garage underneath).

They’re cutting this floor our tonight. I’m going to check it out in the morning. We have building permits now for both Burlington and Brookline. I’ll keep you updated as well as I can manage.

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