These are agricultural food bins, not toys…

By Lucia May 15, 2013

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(Even though they’re on a child’s floor mat at Clover headquarters). Last year customers kept walking away with the cardboard boxes that farmers packed their produce in. Farmers kept having to pay to buy more. So we’re buying a set of 2 heavy plastic boxes for each produce share. They’re going to be the Clover CSA fleet of boxes. We’re looking at buying over 600!

A bunch of farmers pointed me to the Orbis website. They’re out of Wisconsin. And they’re super nice. When Kathy saw Cambridge on my order form, she asked how we were doing after all the marathon stuff.

They sent us 3 bins they thought would work well. It’s kind of scary deciding what bin to use, because to be honest, I’m not the one packing the vegetables. We asked farmers to weigh in. We liked the green one best for volume, but it’s super heavy and a little unweildy with the bale (that stainless handle). Plus it would cost $32 for a set of two. The yellow ($16 for 2) was way too light, and didn’t seem to hold enough. The red looks like the best bet. It’s durable, holds a lot, and will only cost us $20 for two bins. What do you think?

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