Hear live music from Della Mae at the Clover trucks and HSQ today

By Lucia June 4, 2013


In Austin where I’m from, food and music are hardly ever separated. It’s really exciting. My mom used to pay my sister $20 if she would get up and dance to the live Tejano music at Guero’s, our favorite restaurant. I was always too shy, and I lost out on a lot of money that way.

Today, June 4 we’re bringing a bit of that food and music excitement to Boston. You can eat Clover and hear the music of¬†Della Mae, a local band (and group of Clover customers). They’ll debut their new album, 3 songs at a time at each location. If you’re in line at the right time, you could win free tickets to their full show at the Middle East tonight.

11:30am CloverDWY (truck at South Station)
12:45pm CloverPRK (truck at Park Street on Boston Common)
2:00pm CloverMIT (Kendall Square, Cambridge)
5:30pm CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke St, Harvard Square)

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