What does Saison Dupont have to do with Clover’s next beer?

By Lucia June 14, 2013


Wednesday we launch Mystic Brewery’s Summer Saison.

I sent Kayla to Liquor World to buy a bottle to taste at our manager meeting, but we realized it’s not even on shelves yet! So we tasted Saison Dupont for a reference. This is a beer brewed in Toures, Belgium. When we visited Bryan of Mystic, he told us this beer is basically his reason for making beer.

It’s got a crazy texture, sort of soft and bubbly on your tongue. Kind of like champagne. Perfect for summer. Bryan is going to be breaking open the first keg of his summer saison for Clover customers. Join us?

with Bryan Greenhagen, brewer
6/19, 8pm-10pm at CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke St)

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