I’m making homemade malted milk balls…how about you?

By Lucia June 21, 2013


Look at what arrived from Western Mass. These are the Grain CSA shares from Valley Malt in Hadley. This is the program’s pilot year and it’s the first step in reviving a true grain industry in Massachusetts. Sandy texted me, “I’m irrationally excited about my grain share.” I was too. It was actually hard for me to focus knowing that this bag was waiting for me.

If you also got a grain share from Valley Malt, here’s what you received:

5 lbs of All Purpose Sifted Flour from Maine Grains
2 lbs of Heirloom Popcorn from Next Barn Over
2 lbs of Wheatberries from Farmer Ground
1 lb of a Heritage Malt Pancake Mix from Farmer Ground Flour
1 lb of Black Beans from Valley Malt and Next Barn Over
1 lb of Malt powder from Valley Malt (I’m making malted
1 lb of Buckwheat Flour from Maine Grains
10 lb of Malt (Summer Hefeweizen ingredients with homebrewing recipe) OR
5 lbs of Rolled Oats from Maine Grains

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