Lani, you’re getting promoted from inside an iPhone!

By Lucia June 21, 2013


Do any of you deal with the world of hiring and promoting employees?

Megan and Ayr have been working on how this works for Clover. We started something last week. Whenever a manager has an employee they are ready to promote, they have to advocate for them in front of everyone at the weekly manager meeting.

Julian (CloverPRK Manager) was home sick but had a list of folks he wanted to promote. So we piped him in using an iPhone perched inside a cold cup. (This is a trick I learned from one of our first dishwashers, who would stick his mp3 player in a third-pan to amplify it). Julian told us all about Lani, an employee he’s really excited about for her attitude, interest in Clover’s food and mission, and ability to learn the ropes quickly.

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