Domingo, sorry if this embarasses you

By ayr June 23, 2013


That’s a picture of Domingo on his last day at Clover HSQ. He’s leaving Harvard Square for our newest location: Brookline Village. I asked him Friday morning if he was feeling sentimental on his last day. I wasn’t really joking. I know he’s gotten to know a lot of folks in this community and moving away is tough.

Of course, we’re thrilled he’s going to help us launch our latest store. You can probably tell I love Domingo, and feel very lucky to be working with him. But don’t take my word for it. Here is an email I received Friday from a customer:

Hello – I just wanted to share a quick note of gratitude and praise for Domingo. I learned today that he is leaving the H Sq location for Brookline Village – a sad reality for customers like me who LOVE Domingo. But hopefully this is a great move for him and that’s what matters most. Domingo is an asset to Clover though I’m sure you all know that. He is friendly, so kind and can cook up a mean everything! It’s people like him who really help boost Clover and make all of us customers really feel a part of your community. Please be good to him!! 🙂 Best wishes to Domingo and everyone at Clover. You guys are the -P.S. – if I could make love to your yogurt and granola, breakfast sandwich and muffins, I would.

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