Clover baking pita?

By Chris June 24, 2013


We’ve learned over the years that there are several styles of pita. The most common pita you probably see is a Lebanese style pita. It’s often really large in circumference but really thin. The pita we use at Clover is an Israeli style pita. It’s thicker and softer and we find it easier to stuff lots of ingredients inside of.

It took us a long time to find someone who bakes the quality of pita that we like. We’re so picky that we drive down to Brooklyn every other day just to pick up fresh bread. It’s a big deal for us to do this. We leave at 9pm, get to Brooklyn at 1am to pick up fresh bread that just came out of the oven and then drive back to Cambridge by 7am to use the bread at all our locations.

We’ve always wanted to bake pita ourselves. The idea of baking bread every day and serving sandwiches on pita that is 3-4 hours old is awesome.  I think we’re at the point now where we can start to make this dream a reality. Do you know of any good recipes or methods for making Israeli style pita?  We’re trying to learn what it takes to make awesome pita!

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