Goodbye Rolando

By ayr July 1, 2013


Rolando no longer works for Clover. This is a really sad thing for me since Rolando was an important part of our company since the beginning. He was my first employee and he and I went through a lot together. Chris (our second real employee if you don’t count my sister and father-in-law) came to us through Rolando. Vincenzo (who runs trucks and develops food for Clover) came to us through Rolando. He’s had an indelible impact on Clover.

I just finished removing Rolando from our food sidebar. I should have done this a week ago. I’ve been avoiding it.

I’ve been working hard for the past 2 1/2 years to create a role that makes the most of Rolando’s talents. The commute (from Providence) took its toll. And in the end we just couldn’t make it work. Rolando left Clover 2 weeks ago of his own choice. We miss him already.

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