Clover’s first ever sign

By ayr July 2, 2013


Crazy we made it this far without a sign. For the trucks they are the sign. We never intended to have a sign for HSQ. I think at that point in our development we expected folks would find us, which they did. The HUB was suppose to have a sign, but I never got around to figuring that out. And BLV is waiting on a sign, but the process is a little complicated in that town.

So our first location in the suburbs gets our first ever sign. I agonized for weeks over the design for this. I sketched it. Photoshop’d it. Got samples from various sign manufacturers. Took pictures of signs I liked. I used Google Sketch-up to make a model of the sign. I even had to plead our case to our landlord, who thought it was a huge mistake to include “fast food” on the sign, and didn’t like the fact that our letters were white (even though many of the other signs in the shopping mall have white letters).

A lot of work. And now I feel very satisfied. I think it’s awesome. I wont say perfect, because everything we do could be improved upon. But I’m really excited with how it turned out. It feels like a new direction. I think it makes the other signs in the plaza look a little clunky. It looks futuristic without being shiny metal. It looks refined, thoughtful.

Alright, those are my thoughts. What do you think? Stop by our latest location 100 Burlington Mall Rd., Burlington, MA (google maps will lead you to the Wendy’s down the street which is pretty funny. We’re next to Chipotle).

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