Fries redeemed: come try Kennebec tomorrow at lunch

By Lucia July 2, 2013


We pulled fries off the menu Friday. It was a big decision. Our fries are hugely popular. We make money by selling them. But the PEI potatoes we were loving all this winter started frying up soggy and brown. And we’d rather not sell fries at all than sell something we’re not proud of.

After trying 5 different potato varieties, Eddie (Kitchen Manager) found Kennebec. This is a potato variety. Their peak season starts right now. Apparently they were bred specifically by the USDA in the 1940’s specifically to make French Fries, which is sort of fun to think about. Their low water content makes them fry up crispy. We made a test batch. 5 minutes at 375 degrees yields a perfect fry. If you had bad fries early last week, come by tomorrow. We’ll make you a batch of Kennebec.

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