PITA OVEN WATCH: Pita oven enters Clover 7/3, 9am-noon, CloverHUB

By Chris July 2, 2013

Pita oven

This picture is the culmination of a lot of detective work. We’d been talking about the idea of making our pita ourselves. But I found no American manufacturer of the kind of oven that makes Israeli-style pita. I was asking a ton of questions and doing some research and I found two people in the world that make the type of oven we need to make our style of pita. I finally settled on one in Israel.

I had never purchased anything from overseas. The website was totally in Hebrew. I had a couple friends translate a Facebook page for me, ask the owner if anyone spoke English, and got their name and number. After a month and a half of negotiations, a week of electric adaptation to make the pita oven US-specific, 22 days at sea inside a shipping container, and 3 days of customs processing using a hired docks agent, our pita oven is finally ready to enter the port of Boston.

It does 1000 pitas an hour, comes with a dough divider and rounder from Germany, 2 proofing chambers and 2 proofing racks.

COME WELCOME THE PITA OVEN (we might have to remove our doors to fit it in!)


We’re not going to be baking with this yet, we have many many weeks of development ahead of us (which you can help us with, by tasting!)

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