You’re right

By ayr July 2, 2013


Vincenzo is working on developing our next sandwich. It’s one we had on the menu last year. Pepper relish (made in house daily of course), Grafton Cheddar, cabbage, summer squash. It’s perfect for this time of year, that’s the stuff we’re buying from the farms right now.

So at the last food development meeting Enzo brought 2 versions: (a) raw summer squash “cooked” slightly with vinegar, (b) grilled summer squash. I liked the grilled. Most, but not all of us liked the grilled. But instead of decide it in the meeting we decided to let you all tell us what you think. Vincenzo sold 2 sandwiches, both on mini-bread, for $5 at DWY this past week and asked folks to vote on their favorite version. The resounding winner was raw squash. This is the point we get to leave our egos behind. I was wrong. You’re right. It’s always going to be that way.

Look out for the raw squash version of our pepper relish sandwich hitting locations later this week.


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