Julian causes a stock-out on Amazon.com

By sara July 4, 2013


We used to charge iPods on ledges on the trucks. Sometimes they’d fall down. Sometimes they’d dangle ominously from their cords. Julian found these 3M Command Smartphone station iPod holders and started using them on the PRK truck.

One day Waxman was working on Julian’s truck and loved them so much that he begged me to go out and buy a couple for MIT. I bought some. Then they spread like wildfire throughout Clover managers.

At MIT, we decided to stick the new iPod holders to a surface on the truck low enough to where an order taker can swap out the iPods and get them charging without ever leaving the line of customers. When Lou (LMA) saw them on my truck, he tried to buy some, but they were out of stock on Amazon. They’re back in stock now in case they might solve a problem for you too…

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