“Thank you so much”

By ayr July 8, 2013


The reception we’re experiencing at Brookline Village (BLV) and Burlington (BUR) is really surprising me. I mean, I know we do some amazing stuff and we’ve got the best employees in the world, but I don’t expect everyone else to see that, at least not right away.

I was in Brookline yesterday and a woman stopped me and asked if I was Ayr (she must have seen me on this website). I said yes. And she just said “Thank you so much. Thank you for coming to Brookline.” And that was it. She was just really happy and thankful. And me, I feel gratitude for our staff. Because what she’s thanking me for isn’t really what I’m doing, it’s what Rachel, and Craig, and their team are doing. And I just get to smile and say thanks.

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