HSQ and HUB open. Brookline and Burlington open now too!

By Lucia July 26, 2013


NOTE: NO TRUCKS HAVE RE-OPENED YET AND NONE WILL BE OPEN MONDAY. We are looking at running a limited fleet of trucks Tuesday and rolling out more as the week goes on.

Lucia here. The first week we were closed, I woke up crying a few days in a row. I never thought that we would have a line out the door on our first day back at CloverHSQ. I think the free fries helped, but I also think people have been craving the food. Sandy, the manager, had not been cleared to work yet, so he was standing on the mezzanine pointing out regular customers as they arrived. Vincenzo, who has been cleared, was running the kitchen. Antoria wasn’t back yet. It was kind of a bizarro Clover, but it felt really, really good.

We’ve had some upset customers wanting to return to CloverBLV and CloverBUR and finding us still shut. A big apology to those folks. We got a little excited and wrote on the windows a little too soon.

A bit about what was holding us back. We had to pass pre-operational inspections in order to open. First, we had to get State approval for our commissary to operate, then each restaurant had to be inspected by each individual town, then on the day of operation, every food item in our fridge had to be temped, every employee had to prove they had two tests cleared, and everyone on staff had to sign new documents and go through new food safety training and SOPs. It’s all really good stuff, and it means you can feel really safe eating with us. And it means that finally…

  • CloverHUB (East Cambridge) and CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke, Harvard Square) are open regular hours! We’re running slightly limited menus for today (ex: no breakfast sandwich) until we can prove that we have the staff to run larger menus.
  • CloverBUR (100 Mall Rd, Burlington) is opening from 9am-3pm today.  Free fries for lunch customers.
  • CloverBLV (6 Harvard St, Brookline) is opening from 11am-9pm today. Free fries for lunch customers. 
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