MIT back: ran out of food at 12:37pm

By ayr July 31, 2013


We expected a busy day at MIT. But we were totally unprepared for this. The lines were massive. You were all so kind and happy and patient (as our wait times started to build). We ran out of food. First it was tomatoes, then cabbage, then onions, then falafel, lemonade, iced tea, hibiscus, fries. I gave refunds and offered a number of folks a future meal on us. We just ran out of food so fast. Sorry all. We’ll be prepared today with even more food and an earlier resupply.

Our new Manager in Training, Thomas was on board. I’d planned to introduce him to the MIT truck, and do some peaceful training, but instead we were in the thick of it. Which isn’t bad training, you have to get used to busy at Clover. Thomas has experience managing Chipotles, so he’s not exactly a stranger to busy.

I saw so many of you I know so well, and some new faces. Thanks all for coming out. So happy to be back.


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