“I’m SO glad you’re back!” — Julie

By Lucia August 1, 2013

photo (2)

It was one of my first days on the truck back in 2009. Leah or Ayr introduced Julie to me: “This is Julie, she’s Clover’s grandmother.”

We LOVE Julie. She’s always out walking around campus.¬†She eats with us most days (usually a soup and fries). When we gave out a free heirloom apple to every customer in the fall, she admitted she had taken 2 one day. I told her we didn’t care! She sends Christmas cards to the truck every year.

Ayr and I were driving some equipment over to the MIT truck Tuesday, probably on Day 12 of work, both exhausted, and we ran into Julie. She gave Ayr a hug, said “Everyone who knows me knew how much I love you all and how worried I was when the truck wasn’t here. I didn’t have your phone number, and I just wanted to call you and see how you were doing.”

I was asking Vincenzo (who used to manage the MIT truck) about Julie. He told me she’s worked for MIT for over 40 years and still helps out, and that she has an honorary degree from MIT. Isn’t that amazing? We love you Julie!

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