New food development structure launching

By Lucia August 7, 2013


This is Heather, just married, and holding her favorite Clover sandwich. The pimento cheese sandwich is something I brought to Ayr and Rolando back when I was first working on the MIT truck. It’s based on something I grew up eating, and it usually only makes an appearance in February. We brought it back for one day only for Finn and Heather’s wedding on Saturday.

Which brings me to something exciting. Do you have an inkling of a food idea that you think Clover could turn into something real? Something you grew up eating? A food memory you think could translate into an amazing Clover sandwich? Some street food you ate while traveling? Something you saw at the farmers’ market you think could make a killer soda or 3pm special?


1. Fill out the Clover Recipe Contribution form to get us your idea. This form is open to everybody, including employees, customers, and everyone reading this site.

2. If we like the idea, someone will champion it in our weekly Food Development Meeting. It might go through several iterations before reaching a customer. Then we’ll do what we always do: ask customers what they think. If it sells well, the item will roll out companywide.


Three different Clover locations are going to be test kitchens. Each of these locations is headed up by a talented, creative chef. Chris used to be the personal chef for The Rock (don’t ask him about it, he’s shy to talk about it) and knows everything about pickling and fermentation. Michael used to run the kitchen at O Ya, which was named the best new restaurant in the U.S. by the NYTimes a few years back. Vincenzo was a chef at the Four Seasons and is the one responsible for The Enzo sandwich, possibly our best-loved seasonal sandwich ever.

If you eat at one of these locations chances are you’ll be tasting food that’s in development.

CloverHSQ (Chris Anderson)

Clover Burlington (Michael Sutton)

CloverDWY at South Station (Vincenzo Pileggi)

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