E.T Movie night, brought to you by the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and Andrew at Radio Shack

By Lucia August 8, 2013


Our first movie night of the summer (co-sponsored by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy – thanks, guys!) was a big success. E.T. was free and open to all. We pre-sold picnic meals that included a Clover sandwich, fries, and Toscanini’s ice cream. Everyone ate under the stars. Enzo organized the whole truck operations. Ayr invented a bunch of homemade sodas for everyone to try.

And Megan and I roved the Financial District in search of an HDMI cable I had forgotten to bring. I found one at 7:59pm at a Radio Shack, where an employee named Andrew stayed open an extra minute past close for us (the screening started at 8pm)

Our next movie night is my favorite movie from when I was a kid. Come watch Ghostbusters with us on August 21, 2013. You can pre-order your meal here.┬áToscanini’s is making ice cream again. What do you think? Slime ice cream? Stay-puffed marshmallow man ice cream? Come on Gus, what are you going to make for us?

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